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just got this one off ebay, it measures 3.75" across and 1.5" high, the flower canes are sat on a pastle green ground, the set up of the canes and the looks are not very good but the base is top class not like a cheapo weight, very highly polished with a hollow ground pontil, there is a ridge around the side of the weight were the green ground meets the clear glass, i have no idea who made this good & ugly weight

click image for larger photo

The flowers look like they were made by someone in Murano, although I've never seen a base like that on a Murano paperweight. Usually, as you know, they're flat. Of course, this doesn't mean somebody isn't now doing bases like that. The flowers look chalky - like Murano.

I'm off to Italy and France and will be in Venice for a week. I'm going to turn paperweights over and look at the base, that's for sure.

Interesting that there is an apparently random use of two different styles in the blue flowers :shock:

The white flowers look a little bit like some Murano daisies I have seen, but that base ....  :?  And the profile  :?  :?  :shock:

Somehow I don't think Murano.  

I do like it very much, though.  Don't call it ugly!    :twisted:

Leni  :wink:

if you look at the bottom row the 4th from the left is a murano daisy cane nothing like the one in this weight, but there would be more of the same design,

Leni i dont mean it's really ugly but the cane's are not well set

forgot to say the base has a lot of age related ware

cilck image for larger photo

Ray, your Murano daisy (same as in all my Murano examples) has seven petals, whereas the one in the mystery weight has eight!  

I reckon it's definitely not Murano!  

Would love to know who!   :shock:  :?  :shock:  :?  

As for the canes not being well set up, having now seen paperweight makers at work I would never criticise a cane set-up again!  :shock:  



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