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Vasart Vase V025 with Gold


4.25" high classic V025 shape (ref Ysart website), I have a few but this is the first I have found with such lovely drops of glitter/mica, I guess it is quite common, it's just that I have 3 other swirly coloured ones as in Frank's Ysart glass website

It is not signed 'Vasart' but none of my others are either

I do like the glitter  ;) ;)

Adam D555  :-\ :-\

Hi Adam,

Aventurine is found less often in Vasart because they could not afford it. When you do find it is more economically used than in Monart.

Mica is even rarer in Vasart.

Thanks Frank

I was wanting to use the word Aventurine - but it feels so Murano LOL

But yes this is Aventurine - now for a Mica bit - actullay I may be putting this on eBay soon with some other bits

I just noticed my house - I can't move - I smashed a MLA Wade 'Sarah' the other day now Tom is all on his own - I am mad as that's £300.00 down the drain - they go together you see - I was pushing it aside to make way for some glass - hope the contents Ins will pay out :cry:  :cry:


Monart with Mica - sold this a year or so ago, it went sky high- cos of that label methinks!

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:


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