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Help with silver Hallmark on a Hyacinth /Tulip Bulb vase?

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Pretty little bulb vase, just under 5 inches tall, (12.5cm) diameter 4.5cm (inner rim just less than 4cm)
Hyacinth or maybe tulip? (Hi Patricia, how are you?)
clear and trailed (bit cloudy :'( )
Hallmark is  H.P & S, K , Lion, and i presume a Leopard ( with big whiskers!)for London although its worn, i thought it was a shield at first, I think the K is 1905, but it looks a bit different from table on
Possible maker Henry Perkins & Son, says mark was redg in 1909. Would that make sense?

I know we all like a hallmark conundrum, do you think im right?


Chris Harrison:
Don't see why not.  The hallmark looks fine and the date's good for a fancy bulb vase.

I have some Georgian spoons with a date letter from a couple of years before the maker's/company's recorded start date, and they seem genuine (well, genuine enough for me...) 

Could be that the silver was worked several years earlier but not marked till later.  Or that the piece was bought in, having already been assayed, and the maker's mark added later.  Or maybe the history of the maker is wrong, and they were in business before the recorded date.

Stuff happens...  ;D

Hi Andy,

I had wondered where you were with all these bulb vases for me to look at.
Not knowing anything about silver, your tulip vase (that's right, one of those again) looks very turn of the century to me (1900's that is).
Real shame about the inside, worth cleaning professionally before selling it on.
Keep them coming....


Thanks Chris and Patricia,
tried to clean it myself, as usual, its exactly the same as before i tried Lime cleaner, magic balls, brasso, kilrock discaler, steradent tablets!
as its small, i may get a quote for cleaning, otherwise i may leave it to someone else!

Im pleased its another Tulip vase  :thup:


Had a go with the dremel, an actual longish drill bit, some cut up bits of scouring pad, and a
cerium oxide soloution, so the drill spun round the bits of sponge.
Quite a good result ;D Couldnt get to the bottom though!


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