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Location of 20th Century British Glass Works

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Google map, the location of 20th C. British glass works.

Please give the map a rating while your there.

Cumbria Crystal seems to have migrated itself from Ulverston to a field somewhere just north of Grasmere - that'll bemuse the sheep. ;) 

Are the locations supposed to be representitive of the area where the works were or the exact location? Because the one for Chance is a good mile out.

I don't see any entry for Nazeing... or Isle of Wight....

David W:
The location of the Edison Swan (EDISWAN) factory is incorrect. It was in Duck Lees Lane near to the River Lee. I used to live in Durants Road and passed the factory regularly. I actually went there on a school visit in about 1945. For more info see in the section on Later and Peripheral Glasshouses.
Nothing wrong with the Google map though. :sleep:

David W


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