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Tony H:
Hi Folks

I have two vase's by Ekenas from Sweden both are signed, can anyone help with ID of age and is it a name of a designer on the base, what do the numbers mean.

Anne E B
Are these like yours, can we see a photo

Yellow Vase
7.75 inch high 8 inch dia at widest 5.5 inch dia at top. Weight 2.200kg

Pink Vase
7.5 inch high 8 inch dia at widest 5.5 inch dia at top Weight 2.122kg

Tony H in NZ

Hi Tony,
The 'J. O. Lake' is John Orwar Lake. He was there c. 1953 - 1976. Unsure about the other numbers, maybe a pattern / model / production number ??

Hope this helps :D  :D

Tony H:

Thank you, I did a Google for J O Lake and found this site

Have you seen it, lots of glass from Scandinavia all for sale, I am sure there are some pieces that are in some of our topics

Tony H in NZ

Anne E.B.:
Hi Tony.  Fabulous vases you have there!  "My" Ekenas (that is, when I get my hands on it!) is a different design.

Its about 3.5" high and is marked in the same way as yours on the base, but I will have to find out what the number is as its about 350 miles away at my son's house - so I'll have to get me push bike out :lol:

One just sold on eBay but for very little money and I wish I had bid on it.  It would have been nice to have a "matching" pair - and I just love the colours and texture.  Reminds me of the sea.

Regards - Anne E.B.

The little slashes are dots to go over the A like this EKENĂ„S

Excellent close ups of the signatures Tony, which also show great detail of the colors and internal decor.

Ekenas was founded in 1917 by two former workers from Orrefors. The factory has had several noteable glassblowers amongst its staff including Edvin Ollers (1940-47) and Micahel Bang during the 1960s (more famous for his work at the Danish firm Holmegaard). The Ekenas factory closed in 1976.


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