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Glass Hedgehog ID = Hadeland, des Severin Brorby


Tony H:
Hi Folks

Can anyone help with an ID for this glass hedgehog.

Tony H in NZ

Poss Hadeland, Norway?  Maybe Severin Brorby?

Hi Tony,

The maker is Hadeland from Norway. The initials SB is the designer Severin Brørby, who designed for them from c. 1956 (I'm unsure when he left ??).
He's a fab creature!



--- Quote from: "Max" ---Poss Hadeland, Norway?  Maybe Severin Brorby?
--- End quote ---

Max - you beat me to it! Think you're right!

Tony H:
Hi guys
Quick draw Max the fastest poster on GMB.

Thanks to all of you for your  help, with ID.

Tony H in NZ


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