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CZECH VASE MAYBE? - ID = Pizzicato by Hana Machovsk√° for Mstisov


Hi everyone I'm hoping this is a Czech vase it is very nice quality and hand made does anyone recognize the design and/or maker?
Its predominately amber in colour but has blue straps and prunts/blobs? applied that contain uncontrolled bubbles its base is flat polished
and has base wear. Its height is 263mm and weighs a hefty 2050g, It seems very well done any ideas? Thanks Paul.

Collection "Pizzicato", design Hana Machovsk√° for Mstisov Glassworks, Czechoslovakia, cca 1959, pattern no 53530/24

Jindrich.. thank you this is not the first time you have helped me out, I'm so pleased that the vase has been regognised
it was sold to me as Murano but I had my suspisions and was hoping it was of Czech origin so I'm well pleased. Paul


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