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Hi Adam.

I would appreciate pics of any labelled Pirelli not yet in the catalogue. I find two views is the best way to show them.

It is interesting that interest in these animals is growing, seems to be at least half a dozen collectors now :P

Interest is so good that I sold a lot I wished I had kept

I will send along pics of animals I have along with photos of bits I have sold - I must also remember to send you photos of TP Young and Lanmara Glass (ref Scottish Glass website) as promised

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Hi David

I look forward to those. It is interesting to see interest develop in a new area and if we are very lucky we may get some new info on Pirelli before long!

It is a good idea -

Frank has done a great deal along with others to research the relationship Pirelli Glass had with Vasart/Strathearn.

I think some of the glass and especially things like Vases, bowls & paperweight dishes with canes that Vasart/Strathearn did for Pirelli (label 'Pirelli Glass Hand Made in Scotland') as well as a whole raft of other glass connections between the two firms (Babycham products) are relevant on this Ysart message board.

OK so George Dunlop (Pirelli) became a partner in Vasart in 1956 (ref A Bowey) and had a huge influence - the foil Vasart label was designed along the same lines as the Pirelli one. Pirelli having been agents for Vasart since 1949 now had a bigger influence some interesting stuff was now made by Vasart for Pirelli (while Dunlop pushed the Vasart brand in its own right helping them to advertise more).

We need to discern what stuff as that seems to be a muddy period to me. OK he was a Vasart partner but he had a lot of stuff made with the 'Pirelli made in England' label - these were not made in Scotland by Vasart as Frank says on his site, things like the Guinness animals and the a lot of the other animals, to my knowledge were not made by Vasart, should we include research and pictures of those or is that going off topic. I mean George Dunlop had a finger in both pies and it could get a bit messy in the thread - just because he was agent/partner at Vasart does not mean that unrelated Pirelli fancy goods are part of the Vasart/Strathearn story.

They are lovely and I have some nice ones but Frank mentions the English companies that made them for Pirelli, unlike the Babycham stuff I don't think many fancy goods were sent up to Scotland to be finished.

Perhaps I am wrong and it should be a brainstorming type thread.

Still I would like to see as much info about items made in Scotland and sold through Pirelli as agent or made decorated specifically for Pirelli.

A Vasart Paperweight pin dish I sold a while back to a Pirelli collector who was convinced it would have been sold by Dunlop and had the 'Pirelli made in Scotland' sticker on as well??

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

I have put some pics of my Pirelli Paperweight at
 Hope this helps if you do not already have this.
I have been trying to get some decent pics of the canes for Richard Mores Smugmug Strathearn pages.
He has been very helpful to a learner!
Having great difficulty with a decent close up of some of the canes.
The glass of the dome seems to defract ? not sure if this is the right term
Did the glass blowers put another layer of clear glass over sometimes to raise the dome.
It isn't a crack more a layer. :?
 Any way the ?Vasart ? next to it  " came from the same place" according to the seller.
My camera is an old Sony floppy disc with an added second hand tele video lens from  a local second hand camera dealer! .It hasn't been the same since I had to send it to be repaired after a floppy disc left its metal bit inside!
Any one recommend a reasonably priced digital camera  for real close ups appreciated.
Thanks for looking
Jean :)


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