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Old Amethyst Glass


This amethyst coloured footed glass is 3 and 3/4 inches high and I am sure has some age. It has a concave pontil, a clea bell-like ring when tapped and appears ribbed when held up to the light.
There are no distinguishing marks that I can find.

It seems to have a hammered surface effect like with arts and crafts pewter, but that seems to be the photo, I can see the ribbed effect you are talking about after closer inspection - I have seen this effect on vessels c1890s to 1930s - but mostly art deco period

I would call this a 'Rummer' which is a type of drinking vessel often seen from Georgian and Victorian eras

As said I don't think it is from that period, sets would have been made during the arts and crafts period in the UK when old shapes were being reassessed

The ground pontil can mean little as so many companies used it, Stuart, Powell, Webb, Walsh Walsh - to name but a few

I do think it is English

Sorry can't be of more help - you could try as they are really good with this period of British glass

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

I put this on the 'Is It' board, and it was identified as Whitefriars.  Tragically, the Oxfam shop sold the jug and other glasses by accident, so they have just one glass sitting on the shelf now.   :roll:

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Hate to have five when there should be six - W/F it is then - from your pic I would agree

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