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Pukeberg Polar Bear

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Moving this to a separate thread as it may get lost in the depth's of the Ekena's vase thread.

My new Scandi pet arrived at the weekend... he's a polar bear made by Pukeberg according to his label. I've googled for polar bear +Pukeberg and not seen another. Does anyone know when they were made please?

Now I know why they call it Pukeberg. :lol:

My manners are disgraceful.  :cry:

Nice polar bear, Anne - I have the elephant. Wanna play zoo? Tigerchips is OUT.

Anytime Ivo!    8)  
Can I see your elephant please?

Tigerchips you have no taste!  :P  :roll:  :lol:

the one on the right has a Pukeberg sticker - the one on the left has meanwhile been identified as Joska Kristall from Germany)


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