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New Murano Paperweght - Another Ferro & Lazzarini?


I have just got a new paperweight which is very similar to one Jackie identified for me as being by Ferro & Lazzarini or their reincarnation, Eugenio Ferro in this thread  :,2363.0.html

The difference is that this one is signed on the bottom 'Gino S'  :shock:

So, with my usual 'terrier-like' determination to know just who, where, when, etc.  :roll:  I wonder if anyone can tell me who this 'Gino S' might be!

Edited to bunnypics  :wink:

Hi Leni

From what I can see the frothy bubbles at base look F&L

The colours and organic form seem less complex than on your other one (similar to mine remember) that may not be a bad thing see a)

Any chance of a side shot like this, it may not be Eugenio Ferro as some F&L were signed by artist

See this site (GMB member Jackie) a)

Adam P


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