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what's it used for?


well it stands 6.25" high, it is solid glass, the top is highly polished where the pontil would have been and the base has been flattened on a marver or other flat suface, the squashed cane's are set on a green mottled ground, my 1st thought was a wig stand but i think it's to small for that

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Could it be a slicker stone used to smooth out linen - they sometimes added decoration to the base area used for smoothing out - it's a wild guess but I would say that the tall part is a handle of some sort and the flat rounded bottom has some function to do with smoothing out, I am pretty sure it is not simply an odd looking paperweight - age I don't know but the decoration to the base has canes and green mottling? that makes it a paperweight object - it looks Italian but I am not so sure that would fit in with the function or the age, maybe French?

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Anne E.B.:
For crushing sugar or may be reducing something similar to a powder???

Anne E.B. :?


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