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Large Irridescent Silver Inlay/Overlay Vase

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Hi, am requesting help/suggestions on this vase I picked up today. I'm leaning toward Bohemian, but may be off base. Its a bit larger than I have normally run across at 15" in height, bottom diameter is 6.5" while top diameter is 8". Weight is approx 4.5 lbs. Silver is very thick, maybe the thickest I've encountered in a long time & is honestly somewhat worn, but still decently intact. Dark green, irridescent. polished pontil 1 7/8" diameter, glass is significant thickness. Its a bit of a horse. I'm guessing early 1900's. Would appreciate any & all input. Thanks, Ken

I am not sure of attribution, but the mouth of the piece, and also the style of overlay and the thickness of the silver tends to make me think not Bohemian. though to tell without handling it though.......... this is only a quick knee jerk reaction to the piece.... I could not really find anything quickly in my references with an open mouth like the piece has that was Bohemian....

Also seems to me that the Bohemian pieces I have seen with thick silver overlay have generally had English hallmarks....  Maybe English glass and silver??

I'll keep looking and see if I change my mind......


Hi Ken,
I have done some additional research for you and forwarded the image to a knowledgeable friend. The determination is that it is most likely the work Karl Goldberg, Haida. They primarily worked with blanks by other houses and applied decorations like the silver work on yours. I have been unable to determine of who made the blank. I guess it doesn't really matter.....   It is circa 1900.


Thanks Craig I appreciate this info very much. Unfortunately I have no idea what/who/whom Halda is...I assume its a company, but is it Bohemian, German, what? Thanks, Ken


--- Quote from: Ohio on April 26, 2009, 01:16:11 AM ---I have no idea what/who/whom Halda is...
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Haida is the pre-1918 name for the town of NovĂ˝ Bor, Bohemia


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