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Angela B:
KevH Glass Pages have a series of articles written by KevH about Ysart family paperweights and related items.
They include:

* Inkwells - "Monart", "Vasart" or "Other"?
* (Probable!) "Vasart Ltd" Mixed Concentric
* A Rare "Harlequin" Weight
* Catalogue of Ysart Paperweights
* Fake Paul Ysart Paperweights
* Paperweights (and Related Objects) by Paul Ysart
* Salvador Ysart & Ysart Brothers Glass Paperweights
* Paperweight Attributions Vasart and Strathearnand some very useful links to glass information on other websites.

Angela's summary of my web pages is great. The only thing I would (or should) add, is that over the past few years I have intended to update things and make improvements. But this has not yet happened in any great detail. So, some of the information is "out of date" but in general the basics are all still valid.

As now stated on the cover page of my "KevH Glass" web pages, the site will no longer be available after, at the latest, 30 Oct 2012.

This is because the ISP, BT-Yahoo!, have decided that the free web space (originally made available to all who used BTInternet as their ISP, long before the link with Yahoo! (and therefore, for a while, a recommendation for BTInternet members to switch to Geocities for "member web space" - which I did not make use of)) will be no longer available due to "minimal usage" and "associated costs of maintenance".

My articles might be transferred to the Scotland's Glass website, but I have yet to make a decision on this. It is very likely that any transfer to an alternative web space will not include the full list of articles that I currently provide.

Angela B:
I see that the BT internet links have indeed stopped working. Is there somewhere else where we can currently access you articles?
Best regards

I had forgotten about this thread.

All of my information previously on the BT-Yahoo! webspace is now "in storage". Unlikely that anything will be done with it in the near future.


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