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The Portland Vase


the Portland Vase is probably teh most famous and precious piece of glass ( certainly broken piece of glass as it was shattered by a vandal on the 7th February 1845 at the British Museum into about 220 fragments and has three times been reglued together).
I am giving a talk tonight to the Glass Circle on a new theory abouit the vase after two years research.
In summary it was made about 30Bc for or at the request of the  future Roman Emperor Ceasar Augustus  29BC to 14AD, the greatest Emperor of them all who founded the "Pax Romana" a peaceful state of domination of most of Europe for 200 years.
The seven figures portrayed in white cameo on the dark blue background, thought to be Gods or Roman heros in the past ( there are over 50 theories as to who they represent!), are in fact I believe, his mother and father, Cupid, Aeneas, the Trojan who founded Rome and was an ancester of Atia his mother, and on the reverse, Augustus, himself seated looking at Scribonia his second wife, who he had just divorced and Livia his third wife he was about to marry!
I even believe that this vase may have been a crucial aid to allow him to elected Senate and "God" for life, as it shows him as being descnded from Apollo, ( who sent the serpent to impregnate his mother), and Aphrodite, or Venus mother of Aeneas, so two of the most powerful Gods.
I felt members might like to know about this new theory, and I would welcome any requests from Glass groups to give the illustrated talk of about 1 1/4 hours.
My 10 page talk and theory. may be a bit long for this thread!
Regards, Stephen.


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