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The things I can find in Iowa

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Went to an auction this past weekend and managed to snag quite a few great items. More on that on the glass board later. But imagine my surprise to find a paperweight made by Kerry Glass in Ireland. Thought I would share it with all of you. I think its really nice. Terry

Nice find, Terry! :D  I wonder exactly when it 'emigrated'?    :shock:



I love that paperweight - so colourful - they did make some dense green and blue ones - this is one of the less colourful ones I own - note the map of Ireland foil label changed from the IOW style label on the bottle vase also shown

On both items shown, there is 'flame shaped' gather of glass pontil to base - same as IOW but reversed

This onion shaped 6" solifluer is nice, see the identical IOW triangular sticker c1070s early 80s - I sold its sister on eBay a year ago for about £100.00

I think the vase shows the IOW connection most clearly with both the label and the pontil, but the paperweight has a flame pontil as well

I know a little, anyone know the full story behind IOW and Kerry glass - early shapes seem to be identical

Terry, I notice your paperweight has a very different label - perhaps for the USA market, has it the flame pontil?

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Actually the weight has two stickers. The one you see is just a large G with guaranteed Irish on it. On the other side is the same sticker as shown on your weight. Yes it does have the flame pontil. I also have a Kerry Glass vase in blue and green, flame pontil but the sticker is just gold with Kerry Glass Handmade Kilarney Ireland and the flame symbol. I have to admit you have me lost somewhat in your reference to IOW. Would you please explain, thanks Terry

IOW used the flame logo in the earlier period.

Can someone post the Irish one?


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