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The things I can find in Iowa

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Good memory for past threads Kev

That sounds right to me, sorry Terry it was me that started the IOW thing, I shlould have put (Isle of Wight in brackets)

The story is right I think, but I am still interested in some of the info that has come up in this thread as I have a few bits of Kerry - paperweights can be beautiful and a also a bit grungy LOL

I am gonna try find out about the connections (another scooby Doo) - like I never knew Kerry closed two years ago and IOW never knew about it - also what is the history behind the reverse flame logo, stuff like that

Frank, the triangular foil label used up until the 1990s is the same as IOW, meaning the flame logo is same as you show (see my onion vase label), it's only the pontil that is reversed (always) as Kev says - later, I don't know exactly when they started using a different label with map of Ireland

I know it is off thread a bit, but they made some amazing vases, onion shaped and axe head with an Irish tint - using moss greens and silver aventurine

All my bits are like that, Terry your bit is the most colourful bit I have seen

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Funny how Harris had a thing about Islands, he chose such Idyllic locations, I think it was the island coast - Kerry is very much a coastal county, was the facility on the actual coast so they could use the natural resources (like Mdina, IOW) - actually no, it was 25m (miles) from coast in Killarney - near enough I suppose - also someone still thinks that the factory is still open? or is that Terrence McSweeney set up on his own (as he seems to have) using the Kerry name?

OT Warning!

Terry - I have to be truthful, I found my most precious treasure in Iowa  :wink:


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