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The things I can find in Iowa

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The Kerry Glass label shown in Adam's second link has same "flame" logo as the IOW one, but the stamp on the base of the vase, as also shown in Adam's link, is a mirror image. That's interesting.

I had forgotten all about Kerry Glass after first seeing three paperweights decorating a window ledge in a Cornish bed & breakfast establishment around 1999. And then I was reminded about the company when I got a copy of Ivo's glass fact file a-z. Soon after, I forgot about them again as I have not (until now) seen any paperweights, or vases, by Kerry Glass.

There's no information about the company that I know of in the paperweight literature! Other than references for places to visit when in Kerry (Fossa), there seems to be no information articles on the Net, but I see that there are occasionally eBay listings for various pieces.

In searching the net this is a site I came up with.
And not to sound to ignorant, but I still do not know what you are referring to with the letters IOW. Some enlightenment please. Terry

Terry - I *think* they are referring to Isle of Wight.  :?

BTW - Nice find.  When I lived in Iowa all I ever found was corn and hogs  :wink:

Aha ...

Different bulletin board ... one on Isle of Wight Glass (yes, that's what we should should have said instead of just "IOW" - sorry, Terry) ... found this thread:


Thanks also to Terry for the link to "Kerry Crafted Glass" which tells us that Kerry Glass closed "2 years ago". But isn't it frustrating when web pages give information like that but don't state the date that the info was written  :!:

So, Kerry Glass was connected to Isle Of Wight (IOW) glass in the early 80s and used the same logo (and similar labelling). And IOW also had another connected outlet via Isle Of Man glass - that's something new to me, too. And it seems that the current IOW people don't know that Kerry Glass closed "2 years ago" (whenever that was).

Thanks KevH. Well this has been a learning experience. If I got all the info correct it goes something like this. Michael Harris created Mdina glass, went on to create IOW (see learning) then set up Kerry Glass which closed but we don't know when. That all lead to Jonathan Harris, son of Michael who set up his own studio in England leaving Mom and brother Tim to run IOW. My goodness it sure can get complicated.
Connie don't worry we still have plenty of corn and hogs, but as Peter (Paradisetrader) once told me, "You live in a glass goldmine." And in a way he is right and I have the house full to prove it. Terry


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