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Sowerby Celery Vase Number 2631 - Identified by Glen

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This dark amber (brown !!) vase still holds some kind of fascination for me after owning it for some years.
The overall shape of elongated curves makes me think Art Nouveau but the chevrons say early "classical" period Art Deco.

4 part mold with the mold lines very cleverly hidden - evident only in the centre of the feet otherwise following the ribs of the design which are smooth to the touch !!!

Czech ? English ? Age ?
Thank you
(and thanks to Anne for pic hosting)



Celery Vase Number 2631.

Date....approx late 1930s I think.

Shown right here in the catalogues


Wow Glen
I don't think there's any doubt who would win gold in the Glassmassages ID Olympics. You are a star. Thank you
You know I was totally convinced it was Czech.
I am very impressed with the smooth edges of the mold lines.

Celery !! Yeah !
The celery would need top be very slim and even then it would fall over !!
Yes I know it was a tax dodge.

Peter, if you look on my other gallery - the original one, there are several bowls in the Sowerby 2631 pattern that Adam D confirmed as such for me. Like you, I thought this was a Czech design prior to that.

Yes Anne, you are of course right. The dessert bowls with frosted panels and the long oval bowl (which I'm sure I have a couple of somewhere).

I had seen both of these previously and didn't assocaite them with this vase. At first glance they look quite different but the design features are there ...I guess I'm not used to looking at different items in different colors in the same pattern ...still learning.

I wish these Swerby patterns had names instead of dratted numbers eeek.


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