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Question about a Vicke Lindstrand Giraffe

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Glass Nisse:
I am new to this message board but I am already impressed with the level of knowledge many of you have about Scandinavian glass. I am hoping someone can teach me something about a Vicke Lindstrand glass giraffe I recently acquired.

This is the giraffe found in several sizes up to about 13 inches. The characteristic giraffe markings are etched into the glass. I have seen dozens of these on Ebay and Tradera over the years. All of them are clear/colorless glass. The one I recently acquired is brown/amber colored. The color appears to be a coating the outside of the glass. It is marked: 'Kosta 95731 Lindstrand.'

Any thoughts?

Welcome to the board. Can we see some photographs please, including of the base

Bill G:

Just a point: The crystal bowl was not etched but copper wheel engraved.

Bill Geary

Glass Nisse:
OK, here's my best attempt at an image. It's hard to see but the area between the "legs" is colorless.

Thanks for your interest.

I've got to admit.. I wouldn't have attributed this to Vicke Lindstrand.
Can you get a photo of the marking?


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