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Czech? Art Deco Rocket shape clear glass vase - ID = Libochovice



It is about 12.5" tall and it is marked with 'Regd No 798822'. I am wondering if it is Czech?

Someone referred me to your message board and showed me this thread:

I am wondering if in the two years that have passed more info has been found? Anyone know who made this or how much it might be worth?

Thanks so much!

Hoskins Rose registration again, dated 18/12/1934. There is a very similar (but not identical) vase in the pre-1958 catalogue from Libochovice (Czechoslovakia) on the CD Database which comes with Marcus Newhall's recent book  Sklo Union Art Before Industry: 20th Century Czech Pressed Glass. Further searching in that area would be worthwhile. :)


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