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Need assistance to identify a lovely unusual piece of glass


I have a decantor 8" high. amberinia glass and it looks like there was an acid wash that makes the exterior look textured like ice. There are also medallions on the exterior surface that are sun rays, look to be made by gold. The medallion do not have the acid etch buth have a sun ray motif. There is a top that is covered by sterling and also there is a colar of silver. It appears to be 19th century. Is this Loetz? or can you assist me? for photos please email.

Any chance of a picture?

Hello amptpoket, and welcome to the Glass Message board. :)
We try to help each other identify glass by posting picture HERE so we can all see them and give you the most help possible. 
It also means that the pictures are here for posterity so that if a similar question arises in the future, there is a reference to yours which may help someone else.  It is by this means that we will be able to try to help you.
Your decanter sounds beautiful and we eagerly await pictures.... it may well be that one of our members may know exactly what it is and who made it.... we have many experts on the board and although they are often very busy, they do take the time to pop in and see what is new,  so post your pictures and be a little patient until the right person comes along. :)

Frank has just informed me that this post was first put here 10 years ago!  :o

After all my being polite and everything as well!  ::)

And the OP has never visited the board since that initial post, so there may not be a response after all this time.


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