Author Topic: Maker of Boy Riding Fish frog and others - Are they Mueller & Co??  (Read 686 times)

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Hi all...

Just wondering, the boy riding a fish, the girl riding a turtle, the 3 cherubs comport, and the lady comport are they all possibly made by Mueller & Co in Germany??

They were all often said to be made by Czech instead.

The reason why I asked this question was because i felt a bit suspicious re: the bowl used by the above pieces were often seen used by the Mueller ladies, especially the leaf pattern bowl. Another bowl used by the mueller ladies was the one with "rose" pattern, which quite regularly seen sitting on the 3 cherubs comport or the lady comport.

Any comment?


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Re: Maker of Boy Riding Fish frog and others - Are they Mueller & Co??
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Hi Brenton
The lady holding up the column comport base I have seen identified as M & J Guggenheim though I'm not sure if that was the name of the distributer.Just like Cohen and Jules Lang.
I know what you mean with the mix and match bowls I have often wondered these things.I believe lots of the Czech catalogues cannot be found.
I have the Column lady in the turquoise colour and have wondered if it is the same turquoise as the Inwald flamingoes/dancing lady and also the Mueller lady!
Can anyone else shed any light? Many thanks.
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