Author Topic: Large Tchecoslovaquie 3 Footed Glass Center Piece Bowl - ID = Reichs  (Read 1674 times)

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If someone can help me find out any/all info, age, value ( common piece etc)... on a large 3 footed glass bowl that I recently purchased at an estate sale, that has "*Tchecoslovaquie" in a circle in the glass (?) on the bottom next to one of the feet, I would really appreciate it.

It is very heavy and has alot of design to it.

It measures approx.15" dia. and 3" high.

I have attached a couple photos .

Thank you  :)

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Reich, from c.1934, according to our wonderful Pamela's fab website here: Value, who knows, I can't help with that sorry. :)

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WOW Thank You So Much.  I had searched hard and could not find anything. So to actually see another is Great !

Thank You again,

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Anne, quickest as always - thank you! is'nt it an especially good work? I love it!

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