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Forged Signatures On Okra appearing on Ebay and at Auctioneers in the Midlands

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It would appear that after the Fieldings auction held on April 18th in which a large amount of Okra went on sale 95% of which did not have any signatures is now appearing with false signatures on.
Two ebay auctions one of which is a Merlins Web vase is dated 92. This is impossible as this is a Morecroft piece and wasn't made until at least 1997. The other piece a Tazza was sold at Fieldings together with a number of other pieces all of which it states in the catalogue are unsigned. This has now appeared magically with Okra 92 RPG. Both signatures have been done by the same person but both signatures are fakes.
95% of the Okra sold at Fieldings was in fact seconds or pieces that Richard was not happy with he often gave these to a person that Richard new on the understanding none of it would ever go on the market and be offered for sale.
There will probably be allot more of this appearing so be warned. Always ask either myself if unsure or Okra glass we will be only to happy to authenticate signatures and pieces.

I also notice that there appears to be allot of fake Whitefriars appearing. Where is it all coming from.


While speaking of forgeries... There are a lot of Kralik and early Loetz pieces showing up on eBay with a two line "Loetz, Austria" signature. Many of the pieces are documented Kralik. A few are c 1900 iridescent Loetz that were rarerly or never signed. I consider these added sigs scratches even when the attribution is correct.

Mike, do you have access to one of these recently "signed" pieces? If so could you add a picture so members will know what to watch out for please? I think we should also move this to Glass News as it will disappear from view in Glass all too quickly.

Hi Anne,
Yes it can go anywhere that gives it the best chance of being seen. I was unsure in which Cat to put it in.
Here are a couple of pics.

And here is another pic


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