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Taiwan - Czech, Vera Liskova? Peanut dispenser


I bought this yesterday just for the GMB.  :)

I had an idea that glass bird (peanut dispenser) was Czech, but it's not featured in Mark Hill's book, so I wasn't sure.  Someone on Ebay has it listed as Vera Liskova?  Anyway, this particular one had a box with it....with 'Made in Taiwan' on it. 

I suppose it's either a good copy (unlikely?) or the person on ebay is wrong...which is it?   :huh:

Well he's not Sklo Union because he's blown not pressed!! They are different though - too different for just normal variation I think

These are definitely Taiwanese. I have two of them, I'd always wondered who made them until I tracked down a labelled example. It had a small goild foil 'Made in Taiwan' sticker to the underside...

kibbles 67:
Hi I just found one on ebay listed as Vera Liskova, starting bid £9.99, I dont know much about Czech glass but I bought five of these from the Studio Cards/Webb Ivory catologue in 1987 for a party, they were if I remember 1.99 each (a princely sum back then) and I have two remaining. They still raise a smile when I use them and I am always on the look out for replacements...but not at a tenner!


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