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The End Of Fighting Mac Tankard ??AUSTRALIA??

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In the charity shop that I work for, we have this glass tankard with the words "The End Of Fighting Mac" scratched onto the side. I think it was scratched by an amateur.

I presume the item dates to around 1903 when he commited suicide.

Is it worth anything if genuine?

Here are the pics but they've got very bad light's in that shop (cue bad jokes).

I think it says : "The end of fighting Mac, wh was the popular cauch".

I don't think that the word "cauch" is right, it is very difficult to read. Perhaps it says "cause".

It is pressed glass. Smile

I know it might be a bit much to ask but, would you mind looking at some other picture's of glass items for the charity? Please. I thought i'd ask nicely before I bombard you with another post.

Thanks.  :)

Could it say catch rather than cauch?

It could say anything, I don't even know if the first letter is a "C" or a "B". And the forth letter might be an "e" rather than a "c".  :?

"wh was the popular..."

Why is the letter "o" missing from the word "wh" :?:

Here's a link to whom I think "Fighting Mac" could be.

Tigerchips, I've found another candidate for your Fighting Mac... this is an Australian Chaplain who was revered by the ANZAC troops. He sounds quite a character and I'd think he was a more likely subject for your tankard than the suicidal Scotsman.  Have a read and see what you think:

Interesting! It's possible that it's Australian but I live near the border of Scotland so is it not more likely to be Scottish?

Is it a Scottish tankard or an Australian tankard? What is the difference? Cue bad jokes.  :)


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