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Ferro & Lazzarini?


I posted this on the paperweight forum, but didn't get any answer, so I'm trying again here  :?   

I have just got a new paperweight which is very similar to one Jackie identified for me as being by Ferro & Lazzarini or their reincarnation, Eugenio Ferro in this thread :,2363.0.html

The difference is that this one is signed on the bottom 'Gino S'

So, with my usual 'terrier-like' determination to know just who, where, when, etc. :roll: I wonder if anyone can tell me who this 'Gino S' might be!


Hi Leni
Almost certainly by Gino Seguso for Vetreria Archimede Seguso. Gino was born in 1938, the eldest son of Archimede Seguso and for a time was head of manufacturing at the firm.
Probably made around 1960.

Thank you very much, Paul!  :D

Leni xx


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