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Davidson 340 pattern

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hi, boyfriend again!the tray is 9 1/2inch by 8,the lided dish is 4inch to top,candle holder is 2 1/2inch tall and the little dish is about 1inch any idea of maker please,thanks kaz

Davidson 340 pattern, Kaz.   May I add your photos to my Glass Trinket Sets reference site please? So far I only have the candleholder shown in this pattern. Full credit would be given of course. :)

hi anne of course you can was it a good find then its in perfect condition,lee keeps bringing alsorts home,he's getting abit obsessed!thanks kaz

Thank you Kaz, that's very kind of you. :)  To me, all trinket sets are a good find!  :thup: 

(Obsessed? I know that feeling!!!  :o  :24:)

Nice as it is, bear in mind that it is incomplete. The pot should have a lid and there should be two of them, there should also be another candlestick and a pin tray.


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