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Davidson 340 pattern

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Paul S.:
apologies for being a little lazy - it's so humid this evening, and I'm sure Anne, Pamela or Jayne will know instantly from which factory this originated.            I bought the pieces as the colour seemed uncommon, and these frosted sets are without doubt very attractive.     The tray does seem very small - and guess I'm missing the sticks and a ring holder at least - and I'm more than happy if anyone wishes to use the pix.             Look forward to any replies, and thanks for the help girls. :)

Davidson 340 set Paul. :)  May I use your pics on GTS please?

Paul S.:
many thanks for the quick reply Anne  -  yes, feel free to use these pix. and shout if you need more. :)

Thanks Paul, I shall. :)

Very nice Paul, you're missing 2 candlesticks yes, but you have the pin dish which tends to be an either/or with the ring holder with most sets, so you aren't missing a ring holder. :)


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