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Davidson 340 pattern

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Kaz's 3rd image is the pintray Christine. :)

hi thier is 2 candle sticks and all 4 things fit on the tray thiers no room for anything else,thanks kaz

In their book Davidson Glass a history, Chris & Val Stewart shows the 340 set as a large tray, 2 pots, 2 candlesticks and the pintray. The text doesn't clarify if the pots were made in 2 sizes as they often were - this usually means a set was 1 large and 2 small pots, but we've no such information about the 340 as yet.  (But watch this space!  ;D)

Quite often the sets didn't all fit the tray anyhow Kaz, they would have been spread about the dressing table with the tray often holding, e.g. a hairbrush and comb or other suchlike. I remember my mother (now age 80) and grandmother using them like that. :)

Oops  :-[, sorry, missed a picture

hi,thanks for all the info ive seen lots of these sets here in derby i just walk past them ill take abit more notice now,kaz


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