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Black glass from Poland


Anne E.B.:
I've just bought an interesting piece of black glass this morning - very similar to the one that I had initially queried as poss. being Blenko.  Concensus of opinion seems to think it is most likely Italian.  However, the one just acquired (taller one on left) is remarkably similar, except that the glass is thicker. Both have very similar bases too.   So I thought I'd post it out of interest.  Fortunately it still has its sticker on - "WANDA" "handmade in Poland."

 I really don't know anything about glass from Poland, or of any makers.  Does it have a long tradition of glass making?   I very much suspect that this latest addition is a modern piece, unlike the smaller one pictured.
Anne 8)

Anne E.B. wrote
--- Quote ---glass from Poland, or of any makers. Does it have a long tradition of glass making?
--- End quote ---

It certainly does, containing the region known as Silesia, bordering the Karkonose Mountains. Certainly a chronicled history exists, from at least the 15th century, and much fine glass can be found in both national and regional museums in Poland.



Thank you Marcus.  The books on glass that I have, do not either mention or show examples of glass from Poland, so its unknown territory for me.  I will endeavour to research it. :shock:
Anne :lol:


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