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Is this a palm tree?


Hi, i've got this paperweight which I no nothing about, period.

Unfortunetly, it has been badly treat and is scratched in places. I bought it because it has an interesting cracked glass effect.  :)

Hi Tigerchips,

I don't think you will get a specific id on this weight. But it will be good if you do! It's of a type that was produced in quantity in Germany, Silesia and Bohemia / Czechoslovakia sometime from 1900 to 1930.

Judging by the likely size of the folds in the net curtains, I estimate that the the weight is about 3 1/2 to 4 inch in diameter and almost as high. That would fit with much of the German / Bohemian etc work.

There's something about the way that the orange / yellow "bits" are set that makes me wonder whether it might even be from another country and perhaps a bit more recent. But that's only a feeling and I have no firm evidence to back it up.

Is it a Plam Tree? Might be. But most designs of this type are called "flowers", even if the petals are thin and do look more like a tree!

As for the "cracked effect", it is good that you like this. But whether it was intended as part of the design is open to question. I suspect it's a result of poor temperature control causing bubbling within much of the inner surface when it received the final gather to enclose the flower / tree.

Thanks for you help KevH. You were right about the size.

It is a shame that somebody has been using it as a bowling ball or door stopper.  :lol:

Or perhaps a nut cracker.  :lol:


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