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Can anyone help identify these little flowers .....ID:Likely to be Webb

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Hi All,
I wonder if anyone can help identify these pretty little flowers ... they appear to be ruby/cranberry glass and are about 4 inches tall and an inch and a half across the tops. Both are push-mounted into a silver plated leaf base. Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

I vote table ornaments

My first thought was open salt cellar or dip.


--- Quote from: "RH.1" ---My first thought was open salt cellar or dip.
--- End quote ---

I had a dream!  Yes, blimey, the boards are intruding on my sleeping now.  :shock:  :shock:   I might concur with RH1...could these be individual salts?  How fabulous!

Just a thought, but do you think that they might have been wall mounted ? Then the two curly bits of metal would make a bit more sense - maybe around a mirror or the like.



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