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Can anyone tell me anything at all about this centerpiece a friend of mine has. there are no markings on it any where. it stands approx. 20 inches tall from the base to the top. The bowel it sets in is approx. 15 inches across. also there is small air bubbles all though the glass. My friend wants me to sell it on eBay for him but I feel I need to know something about it first. Someone on the USA Glass Chat room said my best bet would be this room, I hope he was right. I will do my best to get pictures posted along with this message. If I don't get them to post you can go to the USA Glass room, look for messages from MYOWNGARAGESALE I do have a link posted there. Thanks you in advance for any help tou can provide. RAB@GSC

Take me to the river...  :D

That trailing effect reminds me of Murano.  :)

Well the base the fish are on looks Murano, but the fins on the fish are very unusual for a Murano piece. Any chance of a picture of the lower bowl, preferably from underneath, also a close up of the work in the body of the fish.
I think its lovely and would love to own it.

  This is the only other picture I have right now, I will try getting more this weekend or sooner. In the mean time I will be editing my profile so my email address can be seen. If I don't get it edited my email address is
Mod: email address removed send me an email and I will let you know when I post more pix. You said you would like to have it? what do do think its value is? to ship it to you might cost a lot both pieces weigh anout 30 pounds if not more. Thanks RAB@GSC

It is definitely circa 1950s Murano glass.  It is most probably by Alfredo Barbini, either for his own company, Cenedese or even his earlier incarnation at VAMSA (although I'd vote Barbini for Cendese).

I don't see anything at all out of the ordinary in the fish as far as their being from Murano.  I have seen dozens of variations on this centerpiece, and there are photos of these types of bowls and centerpieces in the literature.



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