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Is this an unsigned piece of Tiffany

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Can anybody help with this item ,I thought at first it may be WMF , but after a little research think it may be an unsigned Piece of late Tiffany , it measures approx 10" diameter and has a rippled edge , Ithink some of the latter designs were very similar

A further possibility which you may like to look into is Quezal. I had a vase with a very similar stretched rim and almost identical finish, though that was signed.

Not WMF - try google for "stretch glass"

Thank you for your help , I have since learned that it is not Stretch glass as that was all pressed or mould glass and would have seams visible, it is true Art Glass having a polished pontil mark, one thought ws that it could have been made by a German Company Crown Glass during the 1970's

I simply must add my two cents worth on terminology used. First for the novice lets define Stretch. A glass article is made, doesn't matter how, and while hot it is sprayed with metallic salts, it is then reheated and in the reheating the glass expands at a greater rate than where the salts were applied. Further working of the piece increases the effect. Thus you have a stretch effect. The stretch effect can be found on pressed molded wares as well as Tiffany, Steuben and even into the present day with modern artists like Steve Lunberg. So the statement that all stretch is pressed and moulded to me is the same as stating that all irrid. glass is carnival. Stretch is an effect and if I were to describe your bowl I would say " Art glass bowl, polished pontil with stretch effect." Terry


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