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Can anyone shed any light on this = Walther


Hi All again,
I managed to pick up this bowl and plate set earlier on for £5.00 - can anyone age/identify it at all? The bowl is 11 inches diameter and 5 inches deep and the plate is 13 inches diameter and 1.5 inches deep. The glass is pink champagne colour - far better than in the photos. The flower design is raised and seems a lighter pink to clear glass. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

It looks a bit like Walther glass.  :)

I'd say Walther as well... Tigerchips you beat me to it!

Current production of Walther is here... useful to look at for styles & patterns:
Mikasa is an importer/wholesaler not a manufacturer. They market some of the Walther production. Mikasa is part of the ARC International group and according to this quote form the Mikasa website they offer glassware from...  
--- Quote ---The world's finest tabletop designers, working with the best factories,
--- End quote ---

The full story of what they do can be found on the main US Mikasa website here: and follow the links for About Mikasa > Mikasa Story. They also have an International website here:


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