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Davidson trinket set

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Cheryl - Would it be possible to show a close-up of the rim of the tray, please, and a rough idea of the thickness of its base and whether that thickness is (again roughly) the same all over?

Adam D.

mrs vulture:

Hi, I hope this is the picture you wanted of the rim.  The base starts off quite thick about 7 or 8mm round the outside, it gets thinner towards the center of the tray where all the points of the pattern meet.

I just noticed Davidson is missing an i in the title,
im not being pedantic,  ;) just thinking of future searches,  :angel:
maybe a mod could pop the missing letter in ?

ps, sorry , the i is there, just in the wrong place !

Thanks for the info, Cheryl.  It was just technical interest as some of these, but I don't think all, were made by what Davidsons called (internally) their "stamper" process but I can't make up my mind about this one.

Adam D.


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