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Bright blue lidded pot with bumps all over

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This one makes me think it may be American, but I'm not certain. Does anyone recognise it please? Possibly part of a trinket set or a standalone powder pot or not? Pics show inside as well as finial closeup.

I have a small Fenton Hobnail vase a bit like your lidded pot Anne - but what I know about American glass can be written on the head of a pin so I wouldn't be surprised to be laughed at by the American collectors for having said that!

Thanks Pip, that mirrors my own thoughts.  Maybe one of the US members can add more - I'm sure they'll not laugh, but if they do it'll be at both of us.   :thup:

hiya i thought it might be fenton, ive got the three books around somewhere when i get a chance i'll have a look through and see if its in there

Super, thanks Michelle. :)


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