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Caithness Thimbles - Little Gems


Caithness Thimbles (see diversify)

I have about 10 – I believe they were first created in 1978 and although not for the purist I find they sell really well – I keep the ones I like, sell the rest I get in

The pics of these are bad and I can’t take new ones as my sister has them at moment – the stones are detailed and the thimbles clear glass

These second two are more modern – I wonder at the John Deacons one anyone have any info on how his logo got onto this one the thimble glass is tinted a green colour, the other has a bold 25 – was this to celebrate 25 years of Caithness? - thimble is tinted a brown/pink colour - both thimbles are same structure, size and shape as above (did anyone else do these thimbles?)

Any info appreciated, but mostly if you have these little gems post them here so we can all enjoy – If there is a previous thread post that as well

Adam D555


Although I don't know the details of the various Thistle canes produced by Scottish workers, I am fairly sure that the ones in the Caithness Thimbles are Caithness Thistles. They are a differnt shape to those used by John Deacons.

I have often heard people say that a paperweight with a Thistle cane must be a John Deacons piece, but in many cases it's actually been a Willie Manson weight. He used a fairly similar looking Thistle cane, certainly in some weights from his "Scotia" range.

(And to complicate things further, I understand that John Deacons, during his "J Glass" years made some muillefiori canes for Caithness Glass, which I believe explains why the same canes can be found in JD's weights, particularly those in his "St Kilda" range, and in some Caithness Glass weights and also in many "Edinburgh Crystal" weights, which were actually made by Caithness Glass!)

But going back full circle, I don't think the thistle in the Thimble was a JD one.

here's some canes that i have,a cane of John Deacons and  Willie Manson Scotia cane

click image for larger photo

I agree Kev - it is a different thistle to the ones I have in my Deacons weights (they are thinner) and a few others have used it as you and Ray point out – I was just trying to concoct an absurd connection LOL

So it's just a Caithness motif used in a stone for top of a thimble - mmm - wonder if it was ever used in any jewellery

Still - keep posting and anyone with thimble tops lets see them

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

forgot to say also peter holmes has a thistle cane


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