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An ashtray with a face!!!!!!! = Skrufs - design by Lars Hellsten

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Adam, that explains why you're often on the board in the dead of night!  :wink:

(Like me!)  :lol:


--- Quote from: "David555" ---REf original item

It's by Swedish company Skrufs - design by Lars Hellsten

I don't know the pattern name but it was put to good use on bottles and vases and bowls as well as ashtrays and classed as 'Pop Baroque'

See Miller's slim collector's guides - 'Glass of 50s & 60s' by N Benson pp50

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:
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Now i feel stupid.  :oops:

I Knew I had seen that ashtray design before someware so I looked in the "Glass of 50s & 60s' by N Benson". I found that Scrufs vase and thought it looked a bit like it but i didn't compare them together so now I feel really stupid.  :oops:

No need to feel stupid at all Tigerchips. Seeing a pattern on one shape and not associating it with the same pattern on a different shape item is something most of us have done at some time I'm sure.  Just look back through the board and you'll find examples. ;)

Thanks, i feel much better now.  :)

Anne is right

Companies just copied or took elements so a design from one object does not make it applicable to another without further research

It's just I have seen that Hellsten range in bowls and your ashtray so I had that to back up the picture in the book – I also know the designers work a bit

In fact Hellsten was a bit obsessed with that shape, when he moved on to Orrefors he continued to play around with it see thread on a large dish I have (there is a guy there who knows the designer’s work really well),2324.0.html

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:


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