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Last major website update for Molineaux & Webb


Hi there,

I've finished what I think will be the final big area of research on Molineaux & Webb, an end to a two year slog through the archives.

Added to the website we have...

A description of all their registered patterns. Thanks to Andy and Roy from this board, and Frank in Connecticut, for submitting photographs. It's darn difficult to describe these things so if anyone photographs a relevant piece when buying or selling please consider submitting an image via our Contacts page and let's see how many we can cover with a photo!

I've added some notes on the company pattern book which I viewed recently

Finally I did a little extra research on the demise of the Derbyshire brothers, Burtles & Tate, and Percival & Vickers, summarised here:


Hi Neil

I have just looked through the update to you site excellent, I think I will in future take my camera around many of the fairs I attend as I do see quite a few pieces which may be of interest to you but I do not always want to buy, as to the opalescent castle there is a 5th shape I am sure, as I have sold a heart shape piece

Regards Roy

Never say never again...

Okay one more big update!

I have trawled through the pattern books for all the Manchester pieces and have added registration sections for each company. I've had a number of photos come in for Percival & Vickers recently and we've got reasonable coverage of their items prior to 1890. As before, if anyone has photos of Manchester glass they wish to share, email them to our contact page and we'll put them up on the site.

Registrations main page here: 



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