Author Topic: I have been told these are very small pulled murrine birds from Murano?  (Read 1338 times)

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I didn't mean my last post to sound snappy, sorry. It's hard to keep things short when you haven't much time and not sound a bit off.   ;)

A good clue is the often the base, if it's matt and irregular, it's probably Chinese or something similar

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  • Real Murano ONLY comes from Murano, Italy!

 Thanks Lust.........................I will look for that, as I have noticed quite a bit already, especially on the PW's.
My larger small bird (oxymoron?) has very uniform pulled murrines in an oval manner with a very flat and uniform bottom.  Never know sometimes!

  Thanks for your input, I appreciate it kindly.

westred......yea, ya betcha!

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