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Pricing for a Holmegaard Aristocrat Decanter...

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I was hunting for an Aristocrat decanter as a present for someone, and stumbled across one in near-immaculate condition (no label, unfortunately, though) for a big hefty price of £210. I always thought these retailed at around the £100-ish mark.

Is it a rip-off, or have average prices genuinely increased?

I know this is a very very specific question, but any help would be greatly appreciated. If I'm unlikely to be able to source one reasonably quickly for around my presupposed £100-150 mark, then I can stretch to the £210 without feeling unduly cheated.  :D


I think too few of these change hands to really establish a value from sales records for the specific item, so it is just a matter of looking at other Holmegaard auction results. Check E-bay completed auctions - then look at As far as I can see there no Holmie hype going on.

Thanks for the directions, but alas, there're no Aristocrats either live or ended recently...

And you don't want to know what turns up when you type 'Aristocrat' into Tradera!!!  :shock: Holmegaard it isn't.

I shall continue my search, although I suspect I may have to grit my teeth and shoo the moths from my wallet to get what I want.  :(

Fortune shines upon the persistent... I found one in a shop being sold as Blenko for £50.


Talk about one in a million chance!

:D:D:D Well done!  :D:D:D


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