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Isle Of Wight Glass, Signed and Unusual Label

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I had  a really good day today, and also bought this lovely Isle of Wight paperweight which is signed "Michael Harris Isle Of Wight" on the base.

and this funny looking brick thing with a small hole in the top

And this funny printed label on the base. It reads Handmade Isle Of Wight England

Is this an early label or another glass factory which copied the colours of Michael Harris?

Well done Barbara!!! These both have early labels! Normally both labels would be on each of the pieces, but you've managed to get one of each kind.

Oh I am so pleased, I knew that the paperweight was OK, but I haven't seen the other label before.

What would the little brick thing be used for? A pen holder? It wouldn't hold a flower, so I don't suppose it would be a flower brick as it would only hold one. Then again it would suit my other half, one tiny flower :(


:D :? :D  
They did make things called flower bricks, but I don't know what they look like! Perhaps Mark Hill might come along and tell us, he knows more about this sort of thing than I do - (I'm more into bottles, bowls and vases). Perhaps it would hold a single precious orchid???


Both 1973 - 1979 no later

There is a good pic of both your labels on one piece in the book 'J Miller guide 2004 pp274'

The yellow and white weight is when they were experimenting with colour; everyone associates them with iridized glass called ‘Azurene’ which came in the 1980s and is perversely more collectable

Tiger gives a good attribution from a book, I can see yours also has a rim around the base and it is indeed called a 'Seaward' pedestal paperweight - I take it yours is not signed by Harris (?) - the paperweight should have a pontil on the base with an impressed 'flame' mark called the 'gather of glass flame' mark - if not don't worry its still IOW

Here is a weight from same period in orange with bubbles and a single twist of silver foil in the middle - it is almost non-sellable at the moment, your one having the paper label and attribution would make it more desirable

I love the oblong weight / block, it’s an 'Aurene' block or sculptural piece c1975 - 76 - those browns and whites with ....I think a slight opalescence or iridescence in the inner decoration?

Here is an Aurene Vase of same period - notice the label (they used two types one with and one without 'England') - Your Aurene block is the more desirable and a IOW collector would pay over £40+ for this, there is no proof I can see that they were candle holders, I have had some without holes, the surface is always rough though

The round yellow paperweight would not have had the 'Hand Made Isle of Wight England' label on it; this was for sculptural items and vases

The block would probably have had the paper 'flame' logo label as well as the existing label as it did not have a pressed pontil mark - but it does not detract

Nice finds

BTW - yes there are / were other glass makers on the island

Alum Bay
Lucas - Touch of Glass (now closed)

Any I forgot?


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