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Is this bottle old???


Hello, I am wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this glass bottle. The bottle is 12 inches tall without the stopper & 5 1/4 inches at the base from side to side. There is a <> diamond shape embossed on the bottom with an " F 3 " inside the diamond & a # 6 below. The color is similar to the color of a coke bottle & it weighs anout 3 pounds. It also has a glass stopper. There are several bubble in the glass but it looks like it has been molded. It is in mint condition with no chips scratches or cracks. Can you please tell me anything?  There is no mark for manufacturer name or even a size on it. Thanx so much, bittys1biz


Paul ADK:
We see lots of these generic bottles at flea markets etc.  Occasionally we find them with labels for various types of acid.  Chances are good that the Chem. Lab at your local high school will have one or two sitting on a shelf.  Unfortunately, old or new,  they have little or no sales value or collector interest.


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