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Pressed Amber art deco vase ID: Bernsdorf, 1937 catalogue

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Hi all, I picked this vase up the other day and it intrgues me. It is 8 inches tall, a lovely light amber, pressed moulded. I am sure it is not American and any info would be appreciated. Thanks Terry

Terry -

Tinypic is on the fritz again right now so I can't verify - but when I first saw your vase this morning the pattern "Cathedral" came to mind.  So when I got home I looked it up - Heisey Cathedral between 1932-44 and it was made in yellow.  But now of course I can't see the picture of your vase  :?

Bernard C:
Terry — I am sure that your vase is not of British manufacture.

Bernard C.  8)

Thank you Bernard and Connie. Connie I guess you could say that here in my area I am a bit of a Heisey Expert. I have literally hundreds of pcs. of Heisey in stock and have had the Cathedral vase which you mentioned. Heisey's yellow was called Sahara and is very pale. Here is an example, this is their Empress pattern.
It is looking more and more as if this vase may be Czech. Terry


The vase is shown in the Bernsdorf (formerly Hoffman: aka later Ankerglas) catalogue, 1937.



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