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Another Murano bird


Can anybody give me some clues as to this birds maker. Also, what kind of bird is it and how old do you think it is, and what is the quality like?


I paid £3 for it, do you think I paid too much?

Sorry to ask so many questions, any comments welcome. Thank you. :)

I think he's a nice and well made bird, I especially like his wide open beak!  He looks like he has a high concentration of uranium oxide - he appears to be glowing even without a blacklight!

£3 was a bargain.  :D

All hand crafted with a lovely face and crest to head - nice wings - I would sell this on eBay for £19.99 easily - it doesn't matter about age it's a good bird and someone would want it, especially with the nuclear fusion going on inside

Small neat hand ground and polished base, better than these highly decorative crimped bases with aventurine, at least for my tastes

I think he is Murano, the face is very similar (the indented eyes) to pieces I have with labels and signatures - I have not seen a 1960s glowing version exactly like this (and I have seen a lot) so my guess is 1980s up when they started to experiment a bit more with other techniques than sommerso etc - who knows may even be Czech or Polish, but I doubt it

I have lots I know are good 60s but may never get an attribution - you know my main guy told me he has lots of figures and birds stored away with 'Toso' on the base and other words, he felt embarrassed by the name thinking it was Toser and never sold them LOL - I want to see them

Someone tell me I am wrong

Ads D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Thanks, I thought there might be something wrong with it since it was so cheap but apparently not.  :D

There is a light shining through underneath which I used to brighten it up a bit.  :)


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