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Vasart /Strathearn Vase?

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This is a looks like a Vasart vase in every way, V016 I thought but mine (I just bought) is 6.5” high, 6.5” across – it is that same finer glass that I can see on the excellent Ysart site but without gilding, have I missed one, I mean a larger size?

Also I think it is a transitional piece as it has a broken rod pontil like a Monart/Vasart but a blue Strathearn label – I have looked closely and may accept a fade from red to blue as happens but the label was never black as in most other examples

Nice vase?

Will be posting more I have bought, my connection has got a lot in, I need to check that what he says is Monart is in fact Monart

Any help accepted

Adam D555

Will post some other stuff in this thread in next few days

Here is one that my contact is telling me is Monart - it has a completely flat polished base, not mica but aventurine and looks like shape  V036 from Vasart site but it is only 6.5" high?

He wants £145.00 and I could get for £120.00 but I just think like a lot of his stuff he is being, let’s say over enthusiastic


Photos taken in shop

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

     the first piece is a piece of Strathearn as the labels says, Strathearn labels were all this colour, Vasart labels were black and silver (second type) your second picture is a shape SA Monart vase, colour is a common colourway but it looks nice and i would say is worth £120 if it is free from damage,

So the 2nd vase is a Monart - it is perfect but I want to have a little profit in it - I think I will wait a few months till it is maybe £100.00

Ref Strathearn - You say all Strathearn labels were this colour, you mean for vases? Paperweight labels were black and I have a few on vases that are also black (jet black after 40 years) - same as the paperweight label on my paperweight thread

Is it not unusual to see this Strathearn vase with the broken pontil and that blue label (such Vasart colourway as well) - any further info on that would be interesting

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Vasart V016 has a shaped foot and this one not, Adam can you do a shot at the same angle as this for the catalogue please.



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