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Two Strathearn Paperweights

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Hi all

Bought a spotless muslin or lace ground Strathearn paperweight with ten canes or stones perfectly placed – they are lovely I know them well but one, it’s the multi coloured stone made up from lots of tiny canes – who might have made this – 3” diameter with black Strathearn label to base which is ground totally flat and polished

Also bought a 2” diameter star weight, is this Strathearn, seems it may be a Perthshire to me

Any help – here are pics


2nd star weight

Adam D555

hi David the star weight is strathearn

I never saw Ysart sites updated section with Strathearn paperweights :oops:

Really good job - I see my lace as a P21 Large lace - no size but I guess as all my others have been 3" diam

No special S cane - but that stone is unusual - it sticks out against the others in it's complexity - ah well

Know a little bit more - ahh and as in the site my weight has 11 not 10 canes  :roll:  :oops:

A D555

It was done earlier this year with lots of Help from Richard, Kevin and a couple of others. Glassware is next for a workover... once the archive has been added.

More "Scattered Millefiori on Lace" weights can be seen in Richard More's site at:

From Richard's superb collection it is clear that this design was produced from 1967 to 1978 and came in sizes up to almost 4 inch diameter.

As for the "unusual" cane in your weight, Adam, I am not sure about this. There are certainly a number of canes in Strathearn items that are formed from bundles of varying smaller canes. So far, I have not identified any of the ones I have seen as being "Vasart" or "Ysart Brothers" (or even earlier!). But that's not to say they aren't. And I suppose some could even be pre-Strathearn canes enclosed in a coloured sleeve during the Strathearn years.


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